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US Women's National Team - 2015 WORLD CUP GOALS!

Skills for foot work

There are a lot of skills you can do when practicing soccer. There are boxes or clocks, these are when you move the ball side from side using the inside of your feet. Juggles is a big one because it helps a lot with skills, you can start with thighs or feet. I prefer doing 1 then catch, 2 then catch and so on. Toe taps are a good one because you get really good control. You can start with one foot and just tap the ball with the bottom of your foot. If you feel comfortable with that you can go on to 2 feet and do right then left. When you get really good you can do it moving around in a circle some people call this globe. I hope you benifted from reading this. I hope your little soccer player is having a fun time at PASC.

Training Equations

Talent x Effort = Skill

Skill x Effort = Achievement

Juggling Levels: U9/10 White = 5, Yellow = 10, Black =25 U11/12 White = 10, Yellow = 25, Black = 50