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PASC Recreation League

2018 Spring Recreational Season Kicks off Saturday, April 14, 2018

We are looking forward to an exciting Spring Soccer Season!

A few reminders about our facility and policies:

Field closing information and lightning policy
In the event of inclement weather, please check PASC’s home page for field status and updates. We will post any field closings, cancelations, or delays on the right hand side of our home page. 

In the event of lightning or thunder, we will clear the fields immediately. Play will not resume until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or roll of thunder. Please depart the fields in an orderly manner and seek shelter in cars or under the snack shack overhang if you hear the airhorn sound. 


Leave plenty of time to arrive and unload before your scheduled game as our parking lots will be very busy. Park only in designated spots in the parking lots, and please do not park in front of the service entrance gate as we need to keep that clear. 

The PMYC lot is still CLOSED for renovations. There will be signs throughout the Charlestown Park and UVF Campus indicating where PASC parking IS ALLOWED and where it is PROHIBITED - PLEASE DO NOT park in any areas where parking is prohibited - including all grass areas.

Also keep in mind that the PASC lot is a ONE WAY ONLY lot - do no make the first left turn as you enter the lot - instead pull all the way in and head left after the middle bank of parking where it loops around. 

Please see our Parking Map for a visual on appropriate places to park. Please understand that you may have to park in lots designated "Okay for PASC" so allow extra time to get to your scheduled game. 

Parent Code of Conduct
All of the volunteers and coaches at PASC have worked extremely hard to provide a safe, fun, and competitive sports environment for your children. Always remember that youth sports are for the kids, and it is our collective responsibility to keep it safe and fun. Our junior refs deserve your respect, as do all the coaches, referees, and players competing on our fields. Please bring your best to our program and lead by example for all the children participating and watching their friends and siblings play. Take a moment to review the parents’ code of conduct

The PASC Board of Directors and all our volunteers, thank you for supporting our soccer club – we are privileged to be part of your community. Look for our Board Members in PASC Gear hanging out near the Snack Shack and introduce yourself - we'd love to hear your feedback and meet your Soccer Star!

What is SCSL?

SCSL stands for Suburban Counties Soccer League. SCSL is a local soccer league that our older PASC Recreation teams play in (ages U12 to U19). It is run as an Intramural style league just like PASC's, but it offers our teams the chance to play other teams in our area (Amity, Boyertown, Pottsgrove Coventry, Methacton, and West-Mont) fielding their own recreational teams.

Travel is limited geographically and SCSL only applies to PASC teams in age groups U12 and older. Younger age groups still participate in PASC's own Intramural/Recreational program.

More information on SCSL can be found here - Suburban Counties Soccer League

SCSL Information and Pledge

From the SCSL website
The Suburban Counties Soccer League is a RECREATIONAL League as defined by the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association, EPYSA, and the United States Soccer Federation. We are NOT a Travel League. All players are assumed to be intramural in their skill levels and should NOT have been issued any Player ID passes normally issued by Travel Leagues for the current soccer year, which starts on August 1st and runs to the following July 31st. We do NOT record scores after a game nor do we publish standings. We ARE a co-ed league and we have detailed rules for making sure that there are female players on all rosters and on the playing field in each SCSL Game. We use a Licensed Referee Assignor, as required by EPYSA, and all Referees are licensed as well. The Referees are to be treated with respect at all times.
We do NOT allow the “running up” of any score during a Game. A three-goal margin is considered the maximum allowed before coaches with the lead are asked to take steps to avoid further scoring. The SCSL is proud of its long history of good sportsmanship and quality recreation play. All coaches and players are expected to line up and shake hands at the end of each Game.
Therefore, we ask each Player to read and take this Player’s Pledge:
  • I accept the intent of the SCSL and will do my best to play within the SCSL Rules and spirit of Recreation play.
  • I will respect my teammates, my opponents, the Referee, all the Coaches and all spectators and NOT engage in any verbal or physical abuse of anyone.
  • I will NOT run up the score on my opponents and will endeavor to limit the goal differential to three goals or less in any game in which I participate.
  • I have fully informed my coach and my club of all of my soccer activities beyond the specific SCSL team that I am joining. This includes:
    • I verify that I am NOT a member of any Travel League
    • I have informed my coach and my club which school teams I belong to and whether I am a starting Varsity player (acceptable for SCSL play but in a controlled manner or role)
    • I have informed my coach and my club of ANY other soccer teams which include me on their roster
  • I will NOT Play for two SCSL teams on a regular basis and only occasionally and on a rotating basis with all other teammates when necessary


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