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Travel Soccer Information and FAQs

What is the soccer season for travel players?

Fall season (late July through mid November) and a winter/spring season (early January through end of May).  Competitive and Development teams commit to the full year program.

How many practices are there per week?

Depending on level of team program.  Competitive teams will train 3x per week in the Fall and Spring and 2x per week in the Winter.

What leagues do teams play in?

U8 thru U10 Boys and Girls compete in the Central League.  Competitive Teams U11+ compete in Inter County, PAGS or APL.  Development Teams U11+ compete in Inter County and PAGS.

What is the difference between travel and intramural soccer?

Travel soccer is a competitive training and match environment where players are expected to have a high level of commitment and interest in the game.  Teams are determined through a tryout process in May and will remain together training and playing throughout the Fall season and in to the Winter/Spring.  Players are evaluated at the end of each season and roster movement is possible among Competitive and Development teams based on commitment and performance.

How far is the travel?

Teams will train in Phoenixville.  Matches for Central League will have no greater than 45 minutes of travel time to your opponent.  Inter County and PAGS are typically no greater than 1 hour of travel time to your opponent.  Half of our league matches will be home and many of the away matches are at neighboring clubs.

How are age groups determined?

Players are grouped according to their birth year.  Example: 2010 Boys is U9 for the 2018/2019 season.

How are teams chosen?

PASC Travel Soccer Coaching Staff conducts all training and game-day coaching.  During the tryout process, the staff will determine the level of play  for each player based on their performance, attitude, and commitment level.  This includes Competitive, Development, or Recreation.

What is the right age to begin travel soccer?

When the child has a strong ability in the game and a positive attitude toward playing and practicing on their own.

How many players per team?

U9-U10 play 7v7.  U11-U12 play 9v9.  U9-10 will typically carry a roster size between 9-12.  U11-12 will typically carry a roster size of 11-14.

Who are the coaches?

PASC coaching staff is comprised of USSF, NSCAA licensed coaches with many years of experience coaching youth, middle-school, high-school, and college soccer.  Our staff is growing and opportunities for coaches to get involved may be available.  Coaching inquiries should be directed to Mike Pryor, Director of Coaching.