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PASC Pee Wee Program

Pee Wee Rosters and Schedules - Spring 2018

Rosters will be e-mailed to team families.

2018 Spring Recreational Season Kicks off Saturday, April 14, 2018

We are looking forward to an exciting Spring Soccer Season!

A few reminders about our facility and policies:

Field closing information and lightning policy
In the event of inclement weather, please check PASC’s home page for field status and updates. We will post any field closings, cancelations, or delays on the right hand side of our home page. 

In the event of lightning or thunder, we will clear the fields immediately. Play will not resume until 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or roll of thunder. Please depart the fields in an orderly manner and seek shelter in cars or under the snack shack overhang if you hear the airhorn sound. 


Leave plenty of time to arrive and unload before your scheduled game as our parking lots will be very busy. Park only in designated spots in the parking lots, and please do not park in front of the service entrance gate as we need to keep that clear. 

The PMYC lot is still CLOSED for renovations. There will be signs throughout the Charlestown Park and UVF Campus indicating where PASC parking IS ALLOWED and where it is PROHIBITED - PLEASE DO NOT park in any areas where parking is prohibited - including all grass areas.

Also keep in mind that the PASC lot is a ONE WAY ONLY lot - do no make the first left turn as you enter the lot - instead pull all the way in and head left after the middle bank of parking where it loops around. 

Please see our Parking Map for a visual on appropriate places to park. Please understand that you may have to park in lots designated "Okay for PASC" so allow extra time to get to your scheduled game. 

Parent Code of Conduct
All of the volunteers and coaches at PASC have worked extremely hard to provide a safe, fun, and competitive sports environment for your children. Always remember that youth sports are for the kids, and it is our collective responsibility to keep it safe and fun. Our junior refs deserve your respect, as do all the coaches, referees, and players competing on our fields. Please bring your best to our program and lead by example for all the children participating and watching their friends and siblings play. Take a moment to review the parents’ code of conduct

The PASC Board of Directors and all our volunteers, thank you for supporting our soccer club – we are privileged to be part of your community. Look for our Board Members in PASC Gear hanging out near the Snack Shack and introduce yourself - we'd love to hear your feedback and meet your Soccer Star!

Pee Wee Soccer Information

Spring 2018 Pee Wee Times

U5  8:30 - 9:30
U4  10:00 - 10:45
U6  11:15 - 12:15

Pee Wee Age Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate, players must be born between August 1, 2011 and July 31, 2014.
All sessions will be held at the Phoenixville Soccer Club fields in Charlestown Park (on the northwest corner of the University of Valley Forge’s campus). From the parking area, pass the snack stand and follow the paved trail across the river and up the hill to the fields. At the field, there will be a check-in table with volunteers to direct you to your fields and coaches.
Players will be assigned to a team of 6-7 with a volunteer parent coach. If you would like to help coach, please check the indicator box when you register your child.
Saturday Sessions (U5-U6)
The sessions are divided into two components: A training phase and a game phase. During the first 30 minutes, the children will be led through fun, individually-focused training games by volunteer coaches. Coaches will then lead their teams through a 30-minute, 3v3 game against another team.
The training component consists of age-appropriate games focused on exposing the players to fundamental soccer techniques in a fun, safe environment. During the training, parents will have the opportunity to participate. It is not too strenuous and is quite fun.  The model for the games is 1 player/ 1 ball.
The 3v3 game phase is just that – a fun game! There are no goalies, and the kids are not allowed to use their hands in the games. Coaches monitor the kids and the game to ensure safety and equal playing time.
Scores are not recorded, and no standings are kept. The emphasis is on using a soccer game to create a fun, safe, physically active environment.  The goal of the program is for all kids to want to come back and play again the next week and for parents to enjoy watching and helping the kids in our community enjoy their soccer experience.
Saturday Sessions (U4)
This program serves as an introduction to the U5-U6 Program and is focused more on play, motor skill development, following directions, 
often involving the soccer ball as part of the game.  
Parents are often involved in the games, both easing the player into the session and often because the players at this age want to play with their parents.  The games often use hoops, cones of many colors and size, pool noodles, etc.  Sessions last 45 minutes.
Uniforms, Equipment, and Safety
Players will receive PASC uniforms (jersey, shorts, socks). Coaches will receive the player T-shirts at the Coaches’ Meeting and will distribute them at the field on the first Saturday. The children can slip their shirts on over what they are wearing when they meet their team and coach.
For safety reasons, all children MUST have shin guards. Soccer cleats are not required but are recommended. These items are generally available in any sporting goods store, including our club partner, Angelo’s Soccer Corner (
The Pee Wee Age Group plays with a size 3 ball. PASC will provide balls for Saturday sessions. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR SOCCER BALLS TO THE FIELD.
PLAYERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO BRING A WATER BOTTLE TO THE FIELD. Water (rather than sports drinks) is critical for hydration, and the players will be sweating plenty.
Volunteer parent coaches are vital to the success of the program. All that coaching requires is a positive attitude and a desire to have fun with kids.  If you are interested in helping with a team, please check the indicator box when registering your child. You may also contact our PASC Pee Wee Coordinator.
Parents are encouraged to provide encouragement and cheer for all players.  We want all the kids (even the other team's players) to have a great time and safe environment to play. Cheering all the goals is appropriate.
The space between the playing fields is for the coaches and the players.  Parents are asked to stand on the far sidelines of the field, at least 5 yards back. The fields are small (30 x 20 yards) so you will be able to see all of their great plays quite easily.
We encourage you to encourage your children. However, we ask that you do so in a positive and gentle voice. The players are already struggling with new shoes, shin guards, an uneven surface, a moving ball, moving players, and fatigue. It will be very difficult for them to process other instruction as it is. The experience of playing the game will be the best coach they have.  If they aren't doing something that works, they will learn that (usually pretty quickly) on their own.
Enjoy watching and cheering all of the kids as they learn and enjoy playing soccer, the game for all kids!

Coaches' Corner

U5-U6 Sessions

Under-4 Sessions

Week #7 (May 26)

Program Contacts

Scotty Maddox

Pee Wee Soccer Coordinator & At-Large Director

Concussion Information and Policy

Phoenixville Area Soccer Club (PASC) is adopting new policy regarding concussions based on EPYSA's guidance and program.  This policy and changes will be clearly communicated to parents in early 2014.

Our primary goals is safety and well-being of the kids.

To find out more information please visit our Parent's Corner page.