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Registration for Recreational Soccer is still OPEN but Waitlisted!
The Spring 2023 season is set to begin on Saturday, April 1st and run through Saturday June 3rd. We will have eight soccer weeks and plan to be off on the weekends of Easter(April 8) and Memorial Day (May 27). We do use these off Saturdays as rain-date make-up games if needed.

We're using a NEW registration system
We are switching to a new registration provider — PlayMetrics — which will provide improved communication for games during the season, in addition to other features. We are especially excited for you to use the PlayMetrics app, which puts soccer registration, communication, and schedules more effectively on your phone.

To register, you must create a NEW PlayMetrics account:
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NOTE: Your player will be automatically eligible for the correct age group based on his/her date of birth. Spring 2023 continues the 2022-23 season, so players will stay in the same bracket from the Fall (for example if they were in U5 in Fall 2022, they will play in U5 for Spring 2023).

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions about PASC's soccer programs.

Pee Wee Program Information

The Pee Wee Program (U4 to U6) is an eight-week program on Saturday mornings in the Fall and Spring seasons. 
Typical Pee Wee schedule:
U5: 8:30 AM
U4:  10:00 AM
U6 : 11:30 AM

The breakdown for the age groups/programs is:
DOB Date Range  2022-23 Season
8/1/2016 - 7/31/2017  U6
8/1/2017 - 7/31/2018U5
8/1/2018 - 7/31/2019U4

Pee Wee sessions are divided into two components: a training phase and a game phase. During the first 30 minutes, the children will be led through fun, individually-focused, development-based games by volunteer coaches. Coaches then lead their teams through a 30-minute, 3v3 game against another team.
The training component consists of age-appropriate games focused on exposing the players to fundamental soccer techniques in a fun, safe environment. During the training, parents will have the opportunity to participate. It is not too strenuous and is quite fun. The model for training is one player/one ball.
The 3v3 game is just that – a fun game! There are no goalies and the kids are not allowed to use their hands in the games. Coaches monitor the kids and the game to ensure safety and equal playing time. Scores are not recorded, no standings are kept, the emphasis is on using a soccer game to create a fun, safe, physically active environment. The goal of the program is for all kids to want to come back and play again the next week and for parents to enjoy watching and helping the kids enjoy their soccer experience.

Saturday Sessions (U4)
This program serves as an introduction to the U5-U6 Program and is focused more on play, motor skill development and following directions, often involving the soccer ball as part of the game.
Parents are often involved in the games, both easing the player into the session and often because the players at this age want to play with their parents. The games use hoops, cones, pool noodles, and more. Sessions last 45 minutes.
Uniforms & equipment
Players will receive PASC uniforms (jersey, shorts, socks). All children MUST have shin guards, and soccer cleats are recommended. These items are generally available in any sporting goods store, including our club partner, Angelo’s Soccer Corner.
Players are strongly encouraged to bring a water bottle to the field. Water (rather than sports drinks) is critical for hydration. The Pee Wee Age Group plays with a size 3 ball. Please bring your own soccer ball to the field.
Volunteer parent coaches are vital to the success of the program. All that coaching requires is a positive attitude and a desire to have fun with the players. If you are interested in helping with a team, please check the indicator box when registering your child. 
Parents are encouraged to provide encouragement and cheer for all players. We want all the kids (even the other team's players) to have a great time and safe environment to play. Cheering all the goals is appropriate.
The space between the playing fields is for the coaches and the players. Parents are asked to stand on the far sidelines of the field, at least five yards back.

We encourage you to encourage your children. However, we ask that you do so in a positive and gentle voice. The players are already struggling with new shoes, shin guards, an uneven surface, a moving ball, moving players, and fatigue. It will be very difficult for them to process other instruction as it is. The experience of playing the game will be the best coach they have. If they aren't doing something that works, they will learn that (usually pretty quickly) on their own.
Enjoy watching and cheering all of the kids as they learn and enjoy playing soccer, the game for all kids!

First-time registrants, you can create your profile and your participants' profiles by selecting the yellow register button at the top right of the screen. Once you have created your player profiles, you will see which programs are available for your child based on their date of birth.

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