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Picture Day 2023

Picture Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th & Sunday, October 1st
Please see the chart below to find your team's scheduled day and time slot

To view the SNAP! Photo online store, click HERE.  The access code for the online store is: 2023

Pre-Order Online by 10/1 to receive a discount

If you need any assistance, please call SNAP! Photo at 215-256-9151.  

CLICK HERE for Pricing


Does my player need to get their photos at the same time as their Team?
We prefer this, but if you absolutely cannot make your time slot, just get in line whenever the Photographers are here during the weekend.
All photos are individual, then the photographer composites them into the Team photo.

Do Coaches also get photographs?
YES! so they can add them to the Team Picture

What if we are out of town this weekend or sick?
If we have enough people, we will schedule a makeup day.
Otherwise, you can always call SNAP! Photo (215) 256-9151 and make separate arrangements for pictures nearby

Should my player get a picture even if we don't plan on purchasing?
YES! This way, those who want to buy a team photo have everyone in the picture.  We are a team, after all.

What if my player doesn't have a uniform yet?
For Travel, you can borrow an extra jersey from a teammate or Team Manager.  The other option is waiting for a makeup day or making separate arrangements with SNAP! Photo. 

What color Travel Jersey do we wear?
Black Jerseys

Saturday, September 29th Picture Day Schedule

 Time Location Team Name
7:50Pee Wee FieldsRec U10 Girls Real Madrid
7:55Pee Wee FieldsRec U10 Girls Juventus
8:00Pee Wee FieldsRec U7/U8 G Courage
8:05Pee Wee FieldsRec U7/U8 G Spirit
8:15Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Owls
8:20Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Cardinals
8:25Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Orioles
8:30Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Hawks
8:35Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Pelicans
8:40Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Falcons
8:45Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Ducks
8:50Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Parrots
8:55Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Swans
9:00Pee Wee FieldsRec U5 Flamingos
9:05Pee Wee FieldsREC U12 B Flame
9:10Pee Wee FieldsREC U12 B Fury
9:15Pee Wee FieldsRec U7/U8 G Current
9:20Pee Wee FieldsRec U7/U8 G Stars
9:25Pee Wee FieldsRec U10 Girls Barcelona
10:00Pee Wee FieldsRec U4 Pumas
10:05Pee Wee FieldsRec U4 Tigers
10:10Pee Wee FieldsRec U4 Panthers
10:15Pee Wee FieldsRec U4 Jaguars
10:20Pee Wee FieldsRec U4 Cougars
10:30Pee Wee FieldsRec U7/U8 G Reign
10:40Pee Wee FieldsRec U7/U8 G Wave
10:50Pee Wee FieldsRec U8 Earthquakes
11:30Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Ocelots
11:35Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Bobcats
11:40Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Jaguars
11:45Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Leopards
11:50Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Cheetahs
11:55Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Lions
12:00Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Lynx
12:05Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Cougars
12:10Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Tigers
12:15Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Pumas
12:20Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Wildcats
12:25Pee Wee FieldsRec U6 Panthers

 TimeLocationTeam Name
7:50Snack ShackRec U12 Boys Flash
7:55Snack ShackRec U10 Arsenal
8:00Snack ShackRec U10 Liverpool
8:05Snack ShackRec U8 Patriots
8:10Snack ShackRec U8 Dynamo
8:15Snack ShackRec U8 Whitecaps
9:50Snack ShackRec U7/U8 G Thorns
9:55Snack ShackRec U7/U8 G Dash
10:05Snack ShackRec U8 Phantoms
8:40Snack ShackU14 Boys 2010 White
8:45Snack ShackRec U8 Galaxy
8:50Snack ShackRec U8 United
8:55Snack ShackRec U8 Rapids
9:00Snack ShackRec U8 Crew
9:05Snack ShackRec U8 Timbers
9:10Snack ShackRec U8 Revolution
9:15Snack ShackRec U10 Manchester City
9:20Snack ShackRec U10 Newcastle
9:25Snack ShackRec U10 Girls Lyon
10:00Snack ShackRec U14 Ignite
10:15Snack ShackRec U8 Red Bulls
10:20Snack ShackRec U8 Fire
10:25Snack ShackRec U8 Sounders
10:30Snack ShackRec U10 Tottenham
10:35Snack ShackRec U10 Chelsea
10:40Snack ShackRec U10 Girls Bayern Munich
10:45Snack ShackRec U10 Girls PSG
11:25Snack ShackRec U12 Girls Inferno
11:35Snack ShackRec U12 Girls Lightning
11:45Snack ShackRec U14 Fire
12:00Snack ShackU8 Boys 2016
1:00Snack ShackU9 Boys 2015 White
1:15Snack ShackU12 Boys White 2012

Sunday, October 1st Picture Day Schedule

 Time Location Team Name
9:00Snack ShackU11 Girls 2013
9:10Snack ShackU14 Torch
9:20Snack ShackU14 Blaze
9:30Snack ShackU13 Boys 2011 White
9:40Snack Shack 
9:50Snack ShackU12 Boys 2012 Black
10:00Snack ShackU10 Boys 2014 White
10:10Snack ShackU12 G Spark
10:20Snack ShackU9 Boys 2015 Black
10:30Snack Shack 
10:40Snack Shack 
10:50Snack ShackU10 Girls 2014/15
11:00Snack ShackU11 Boys 2013
11:10Snack Shack 
11:20Snack ShackU12 Boys 2012/13 Yellow
11:30Snack ShackU13 Boys 2011 Black
11:45Snack ShackU14 Boys 2010 Black
12:10Snack ShackU16 Boys Black
12:20Snack ShackU17 Boys
12:30Snack ShackU17 Girls
12:40Snack ShackU19 Girls
12:50Snack ShackU10 Boys 2014 Black
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